About Us

The Park Board was originally established as a joint effort between the volunteer organizations and Ottoville Local School.  The land was owned by the Ottoville School District up until the city and church purchased the grounds and building once the new school was constructed in 2006.

The primary purpose of the park board include the list of activities stated below and oversee a sub-committee consisting of various members from the voluteering organizations and community members responsible for raising additional funds with the Park Carnival.

Our Mission as a Park Board is to enhance the quality of life of all residents by providing places and opportunities for individuals to develop a healthy life style while balancing the needs of the Park through the following the following actions:

1)    To coordinate and act as a clearing point for all community efforts to develop the Ottoville Park area.

2)    To receive suggestions for improving the Ottoville Park area and the community’s recreational programs.

3)    To make recommendations to the Ottoville City government through the proper procedures, concerning major developments of the Ottoville Park activities.

4)    To budget and account for any funds which are presented to the Park Board for use in developing and operating the park area and it’s facilities.

5)    To exercise those powers and responsibilities which are delegated to it in writing by the Ottoville City government.

6)    To provide funds for the employment of a summer program administrator who shall be hired by and be responsible to the Ottoville Park Board and the Ottoville City government.  The park administrator shall adhere to the approved Ottoville Park Board Park Administrator’s job description.

7)    The Ottoville Park Board shall employ a Secretary-Treasurer whose salary will be determined by the Ottoville Park Board.


The current 2021 Park Board Members and supporting organizations include:

Troy Heitmeyer – Park Carnival – President

Chris Landin – Park Carnival – Secretary / Treasurer

Barry Koester – City – Vice President

Darrin Leis – Village Representative

Ben Beaubien – Boy Scouts – Park Administrator

Matt Schnipke – Fire Station

Jeff Averesch – VFW

Joe Moreno – Lions Club – Website Administrator

? – OACC’s

Kelly Moreno – Custodian