2019 Mini King and Queen

The 2019 Miniature King and Queen contest winners will be crowned on Saturday, August 31st at the opening ceremony.

The contest is open to any boy or girl in the Ottoville Local School district in the first, second, third or fourth grades.  The participants are selling entertainment tickets where the winner will be chosen by selling the highest dollar volume of tickets for the king and queen.  All participants will be rewarded based off their sales with a minimum of $50.  The winners of the entertainment package can win a 43″ Smart TV, Applie iPad or a 1 night stay for a family of 4 to Kalahari Resorts.  There will be 3 winners!  Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.

This year’s Miniature Queen contestants are:

Miniature King contestants are:





To purchase tickets, you can contact any of the miniature King and Queen candidates or tickets can also be purchased Labor Day weekend at the Big Ticket booth.