Volleyball Tournament


2018 Co-ed Volleyball Tournament

Sunday, September 2nd


Get your teams ready for a one (1) day Co-ed Volleyball Tournament at this years 56th Ottoville Park Carnival.  All teams must register by Sunday, August 26th to be considered for this tournament.  

This is a Pre-Register only tournament.  Cost is $120 per team.

Brittany Beining – please contact for details 

419-203-6777 or bnb4325@gmail.com


All checks are to be made payable to Brittany Beining.  Any questions, please contact Brittany at: 419-203-6777.

Park Carnival Tournament Rules

 ROUND ROBIN with RALLY scoring

  • How it will work:
    • Round Robin Games will be One match to 25 points (must win by 2 points)
    • Switch court sides after one team reaches 12 points
    • Each Team will play every team once, keeping track of wins and scores on the tournament poster.
    • There will then be a single elimination match played the same way as the round robin games.
  • No more than 3 males on the court at a time
  • If more than one hit, a girl must touch the ball before it crosses the net
  • Ball can touch the net on a serve
  • Players cannot touch the net while ball is in play
  • Blocking
    • Blocking serves is allowed, but not spiking serves
    • The person that blocks the ball, can hit the ball immediately following the block, before another teammate touches the ball (this must be a block!)
    • A Block does not count as part of your 3 hits
  • No referees, so call your own bad hits, net offenses & in/out of bounds
  • If teams cannot agree on a call, a redo of that point is recommended

**Please support Ottoville Park Carnival, purchase beverages at the carnival **