Playground Equipment

Phase I of the project is near completion and while not finished, the playground equipment is definitley usable.  Phase1ParkEquip

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Ottoville Mother’s Club for organizing fund raisers and to all in the Ottoville Community that have donated money to get their dream this far.  The Children of our community thank you for supporting this exciting project.

Phase II of the playground area is to have poured-in-place rubber around the installation and remove the pea gravel that is has been laid as a temporary foundation.  The total needed is $30,000 and while that may seem like a lot, every little donation helps and remember that any donation large or small is greatly appreciated.  In addition, there are many benefits of having poured rubber instead of the pea gravel:

  • Does not float, wash or blow away
  • Does not harbor bacteria like wood and gravel
  • Beneficially utilizes waste tires
  • Will not require annual maintenance and replacment
  • By removing the stones/mulch, young children will not have anything to put in their mouth

There are many ways that you, a business or family can contribute to the success of this project.  There are project forms and information located at several places in the Ottoville area, additional forms are located down by the playground area along with a thermometer displaying the progress on funds to date or by simply downloading the form provided on this page.  Just fill out and mail the form back to the address listed along with your contribution or pledged amount.

For your convienience, you can also donate directly to their account at the Ottoville Bank Acct# 8187.  Please ensure that all checks or donations are made payable to “Ottoville Playground Equipment Fund”, P.O. Box 100, Ottoville, OH  45876.