Grants awarded House Bill 2

A recent article by Hometown Stations covered the passing of House Bill 2 this week. This piece highlighted a list of local groups granted different sums to support their plans. Indeed, the Ottoville Park Board asked for funds to upgrade our park with necessary changes, and it’s important to note that we have to match this grant. Thanks to many local supporters, we promised to cover just over half the costs. We’re looking at a budget close to $430,000 for all our planned upgrades.

However, we haven’t gotten the money at this point. The article didn’t mention that after getting support from Representative Roy Klopfenstein and passing in the House, the bill moves to the Senate for a closer look. It must be voted on and passed there too. If the Senate says yes, then it’s up to the Governor to give the final okay. We won’t get any of the set-aside funds for our work until all these steps are complete. The Ottoville Park Board has dedicated a lot of effort to picking out the best enhancements for our area. We’re very grateful to everyone and every group that’s pitched in to help bring our vision closer to reality. To check out the full details of the bill, you can take a look at it using the link provided here.

House Bill 2 | 135th General Assembly | Ohio Legislature