Friday Night Co-Ed Softball

Friday nights just got a little brighter!  Ottoville Park is happy to announce that Friday Night Leagues are coming back!



  • Each team supplies (1) .44 core ball per game.
  • No metal spikes allowed.
  • Start with 1-1 count. No grace.
  • Batting order must alternate guy/girl or girl/guy.
  • Must have 8 players to play. No more than 5 guys. 
    • Automatic outs are given to the empty spots in the order.
  • If a guy walks, he goes to 2nd base and the girl chooses whether to hit or take the walk.
  • Run rule is 15 after the 4th inning, and 10 after the 5th.
  • 6-12 foot arch. No quick pitching.
  • No fighting. Fighting will result in ejection and at least 1 week suspension. 
  • No smoking on the field. In the dugout is fine as long as the butts are not littered
  • Clean up your dugout after each game.

Games will go from May 12 – July 28th starting at 6:00.  No games on June 2nd or July 7th

Additional information will be given at the Managers Meeting at Millie’s Café on Friday, May 5th at 5:30. 

For more information contact Joe Boecker @ or 419-233-2040

Entry forms can be downloaded here:


Check out more information on our Facebook Co-Ed Softball page:

 Ottoville Park Friday Night Co-Ed League