Shelter House Rental

The Village of Ottoville and the Ottoville Park Board offer the use of the shelter houses to the public.  The availability of a particular shelter house for private events can be reserved for a fee using the attached PDF reservation form available for download below.  Reservations can be requested at any time for any time period.  There is no longer any waiting period for the next calendar year requests.

The Shelter House rental program is administered by Jeanne Wannemacher through the Village of Ottoville Clerk/Treasurer’s office.  For additional questions on the availability of a specific date, you can contact Jeanne at 419-453-3636 or fill out the online form “Rental Inquiry” and it will be emailed to her.

Reservation and regulations governing the use of the shelter houses are as follows:

  1. Shelter House #1 is the larger house closer to the road and church.  Shelter House #2 is by the restrooms.  Shelter House #3 is at the south end of the park.
  2. There is NO ASSIGNMENT, RESERVATION, OR CLAIM to any play equipment, ball diamonds, etc with any shelter house reservations.  They are to be shared in a cooperative manner in case there are several groups in the park at the same time.
  3. If there is excess waste or trash (anything that does not fit in the barrels provided), you will receive an additional charge for garbage pickup. (Corporations: please bag excess trash and sit at the curb).
  4. If tables are removed from shelter house, please return them before you leave.
  5. The tables, shelter houses and park area are to be kept neat and clean so others may enjoy them.  Please do not drag crock-pots on picnic tables, they will scratch.
  6. Be responsible for all persons in the group or organization using the facility.
  7. Assume responsibility for any damage to the facility.
  8. Park only in designated areas and obey all posted rules.
  9. The restrooms will be open for your use the day of your reservations.

$30 Residents of Ottoville Local School District

$50 Individuals that are NOT residents of Ottoville Local School District

$150 Corporations in Ottoville Local School District

$300 Corporations that are NOT in Ottoville Local School District

Fee and PDF Form must be submitted to the Ottoville Park Board before your reservations will be accepted/guaranteed!


If you have a date confirmed, please download the Rental Agreement form by clicking this link Shelter House Rental Form, sign and return this form with your check made payable to “The Ottoville Park Board”, PO Box 332, Ottoville, OH  45876.